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Having problems with collection accounts or debt collectors? Here you’ll find free debt collection help.

Free E-book: Debt Collection Answers

Start with my ebook, Debt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rights, which you can download for free on Amazon, or in other formats here.

It will explain what to do if you are dealing with debt collectors and will answer many of your questions.

Download the book, then listen to the podcasts below:

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Debt Collection Podcasts: Listen Online

Your Rights When Debt Collectors Call
Are debt collectors using children to collect? I talk with consumer law attorney Michael Forbes about a controversial blog post. They also discuss what information you should and should not give a debt collector over the phone, as well as your rights when creditors threaten to sue.

Credit Report and Debt Collector Disputes
Mistakes on your credit reports? Debt collectors harassing you? Consumer law attorney Robert Brennan joins me to explain your rights under federal consumer protection laws.

Fake Debt Collection Scam
Consumers across the country are being threatened and harassed over debts they don't owe. Join me as I talk with Chris Maag, who investigated one of these scams.

Debt Collectors in Hospitals
Could that person at your bedside at the hospital be a debt collector? An investigation by an attorney general reveals that at least one major health care collection agency posted workers in hospitals to try to extract payment arrangements from consumers. The attorney general alleged at least some of their activities were illegal. Learn more. 

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