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"I'm overwhelmed. I've been researching solutions to my credit problems...

but I don't know who to trust."

That's one of the comments I hear frequently and that's why I've created this Resources section. Whether you're looking to consolidate debt, borrow cheaply or solve credit problems, I've found the best companies to help you reach your goals!

I chose these companies to recommend because I trust them and honestly believe they can help. I am an affiliate of a few of them, which means I may get a referral fee for traffic I send their way. I will always suggest resources I believe in, even if I don't get a penny for that referral. 

Here are my top picks for you:

Credit Reports

Stellar credit is almost like money in the bank. To review your credit reports, start by ordering your free annual credit reports at

Then read my list of 138+ places to monitor your credit scores for free and take your pick. Make sure you are getting your credit score from each of the three main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. They don't share information with each other so you want to keep an eye on each one. 

If you are a small business owner, get a free Nav account to monitor your business credit from Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax and Experian. If you sign up for your Nav account here you'll also get a free copy of my award-winning book Finance Your Own Business mailed to you! 

Credit Repair

Most of what you need to do to repair your credit, you can do on your own. But I also understand people are overwhelmed or too busy to do what they need to do. If you want reasonable affordable credit repair help, consider working with a company that doesn't charge a fortune up front. 

Credit repair at an affordable price

Debt Help

If you are struggling with credit card debt, I encourage you to talk with a credit expert.

For a free confidential questionnaire and a confidential evaluation of your situation, I personally recommend the folks at Resolve. They are creating a comprehensive solution to help people in debt. I know the people behind it and we share the same approach of helping people whether or not it makes us money. They are good people! 

Get a free consultation from Resolve here. is another excellent resource for negotiating your debts. You can download Charles' free guide at his site. It's very informative. He also has software you can use if you get a 1099-C tax form for cancelled debt. 

Free debt helpSteve Rhode, one of my go-to sources, has lots of great info available for free at his website


Since 1993, ArcLoan has educated thousands of consumers across the United States on mortgage strategies and programs that help increase savings and reduce debt. Home of the Automatic Rate Cut Loan™ & the ArcLoan Mortgage Management Program™

They are mortgage educators, so you don't have to worry about a high-pressure sales pitch for a loan. Visit them at

Identity Theft

Are you a victim of identity theft? If you don't have identity theft protection/insurance, visit the FTC Identity Theft Center -- it's full of excellent resources and information.

The second place I recommend is the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center. They have a lot of free information and they are extremely helpful. 

Stop Debt Collectors

If you are being harassed by debt collectors, you'll want to check out my ebook Debt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rights. It's free! 

Student Loans

If you have federal student loans, I recommend you use StudentLoanify. It will help you understand your loans and your repayment options for free. Then if you want to get into an affordable repayment plan, their service will help with the paperwork for a very affordable fee. 

The Student Loan Lawyer is the website of Joshua Cohen, one of the attorneys who pioneered student loan help. Josh has trained other attorneys and he's one of my go-to sources. 

Kids and Money

My then-elementary school age daughter changed her tune about spending and saving virtually overnight with the help of Sammy the Rabbit at She and her friends loved the CDs and books.

Financial Planning

For many years I served as a credit coach for members of the Garrett Planning Network.

These fee-only financial planners can help you with a variety of financial planning services, from creating a retirement saving strategy to getting your budget on track. Their advice is independent and unbiased, and I know from the time I have spent with many of them, they really care!

Additional Helpful Resources - an international network of consumer hotline affiliated with local broadcast partners. - offers list of credit cards and helpful consumer information in many languages. - is the website of Consumer Federation of America. You'll find consumer brochures on saving money, buying a home and more. - is one of the most comprehensive consumer websites available. Sign up for their free newsletter. - offers help with chronic debt.

Financial Recovery Institute - offers Financial Recover counseling, a structured process that helps clients transform their relationship with money. It seeks to treat the whole person, including addressing the client's history, and emotions relating to money. - is the home of the National Fraud Information Center. If you suspect telemarketing or Internet fraud, contact them immediately. - is the website of the Federal Trade Commission. You'll find consumer tips, statutes and more. - one of the original money-saving websites with tons of info. 

Consumer Reports

National Consumer Law Center (NCLC)

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

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