Credit Expert and Writer

There's nothing I enjoy more than busting a myth or two about credit. 

Or helping point someone to a resource that solves a pressing problem.

Or using the power of the pen to expose costly rip-offs and scams.

Or sharing an inspiring story about someone overcame a financial challenge.

Although I did not set out to become a writer, in my twenties I found myself in the perfect position to write the first mass-market book about credit reports and scores. It was named one of the top 5 personal finance books of the year when it was released, and my writing career took off. Since then I've authored 5 books and countless articles that have appeared on numerous websites including Forbes, MSN,, The Today Show website, Yahoo !, and many, many others. 

Here you will find some of my recent articles. I hope they help you too.

Recent Articles I've Written

Below you'll see links to many articles I have written for various outlets. I am available for limited freelance writing opportunities. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for an experienced freelance writer on credit or small business financial topics. 

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