Talk Credit Radio

My goal with my radio show Talk Credit Radio is to bring you advice from the top experts in the field of credit including credit scores, mortgages and debt.

Though I have over twenty years of experience in this field myself, I also have my go-to experts - plus I've met many fascinating people who are trying to help others get ahead financially. And with my show I get to bring my advice, and theirs, to you! 

Note: Although my live show is on hiaitus at the moment, you'll find more than a hundred podcasts on all aspects of credit, debt and personal finance on this site. 


Talk Credit Radio podcasts are sponsored by, home of the Automatic Rate Cut Loan™ & the ArcLoan Mortgage Management Program™.

Since 1993, ArcLoan has educated thousands of consumers across the US on mortgage strategies and programs that help increase savings and reduce debt.

Their Mortgage Management Strategies™ have been endorsed by national consumer advocates, financial planners, accountants, insurance professionals and, most importantly, homeowners like you.

Talk to the mortgage educators at and find out how you can take advantage of historically low mortgage rates with no point, no closing costs, no kidding!

Cambridge Credit Counseling

Do you need debt help? Cambridge Credit Counseling is a non-profit agency that has assisted more than 2 million people and provided effective debt management plans to 225,000 individuals and families since 1996. Their counselors average more than 11 years' experience, helping Cambridge become the highest rated agency on the Consumer Affairs website and earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Cambridge is approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide foreclosure prevention counseling (for residents of MA and CT), pre-and post-purchase homebuyer education, and rental counseling. Cambridge's reverse mortgage (HECM) counselors are HUD-certified, and their services have also been approved by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

And by specializing in the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) since it first launched.

If you cannot refinance because you have little or no equity in your home, be sure to check out to find out if you qualify for this special program for underwater homeowners.

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