How to Listen To
Talk Credit Radio

Here's how to listen to Talk Credit Radio: 

My live show is currently on hiaitus, but you will find more than 100+ episodes posted on this website as podcasts. That mens you can listen to episodes on your computer and/or download them to your mp3 player, iPod, or smart phone from the podcast archives.

Free on iTunes too!

You can listen to and/or download podcasts of previous episodes of Talk Credit Radio on iTunes. You can also subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes. If you do, new episodes will automatically download when you sync your device.

What’s a podcast? It’s just a recording in an mp3 file format. The term podcast comes from the idea that you could download a broadcast to your iPod, but in reality you can listen to them on any device that allows you to download and play audio files.

My goal is to help you get answers to your credit questions and solve your credit problems.
I'll help you with everything from choosing the best rewards credit card, what works and what doesn't when it comes to improving your credit scores, what you can do if your home is underwater, how to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, what to do if debt collectors are harassing you, and more.

Thanks for listening!

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