Boost Credit Scores

After one of my seminars, someone asked me, "Who made FICO god?"

I wouldn't give credit scores celestial status, but  I get it. It can feel like they control your life at times.

And if you've been through financial hell in recent years, you may feel like you're trapped in credit purgatory.

But there is a way out. You can boost your credit scores. It may take time and effort but it's worth it.

Just listen, learn and get started on the path to better credit now.

Get Your Free Credit Reports And Scores

I encourage you to get your free annual credit report once a year from each major credit reporting agency so you know what information is being reported. By law, the major credit reporting agencies must give you a free copy each year and is the federally mandated website to get those reports. (Right now you can get free weekly reports.)

Then use a credit monitoring service to monitor your credit scores for free.

Bonus! Here is my list of 138+ places to monitor your credit scores for free.

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