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Looking for small business loans advice? Here I interview experts in small business lending to help you get the financing you need!

Business Happens: Small Business Financing Tips

Many small businesses fail because they don’t understand the critical financial details of their business, says Mitchell D. Weiss. His goal is to help entrepreneurs avoid the traps he’s seen entrepreneurs run into in his many years as a financial services executive.

He explains how in his new book, Business Happens: A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurial Finance for Small Businesses and Professional Practices.

In this interview he shares why he wrote the book, and then provides his advice on what small business owners can do if things don’t go according to plan and it runs into financial problems. But ultimately he wants business owners to read this before they experience financial difficulties.

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How Do Business Credit Reports Work?

Most of us know we can get a free copy of our personal credit reports, but business credit reports are still a mystery.

In this podcast, I discuss how these reports work. Who are the major corporate credit reporting agencies? How can you get copies? How are they different from personal credit reports? And what kind of information do they contain? You’ll get a solid overview of these reporting agencies in this podcast.

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