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Guest: Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Guest: Lynn O'Shaughnessy

First Interview:

Worried about how to pay for college? Lynn O'Shaughnessy busts common myths about college costs, and explains how to find the perfect school at the perfect price. This has been one of my most popular podcasts. Whether you are a student or parent of one, you won’t want to miss this.
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Second Interview:

The truth about college scholarships and grants is just one of the topics I cover in this encore interview with college financing expert Lynn O'Shaughnessy author of The College Solution. She explains some of the biggest mistakes parents and students make when it comes to paying for college; three free resources that can help you find an affordable and excellent higher education; and one of the most dangerous types of student loans. This episode aired live February 18, 2013.
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About My Guest

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a nationally recognized college expert, who is a higher-ed journalist, consultant and speaker. She is the author of the second edition of The College Solution and a blog by the same name.

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