Raise Your Credit Score in 90 Days

Guest: Jeanne Kelly

Guest: Jeanne Kelly

Can you really improve your credit score in just 90 days? Yes! says my guest Jeanne Kelly, a credit coach and author of The 90 Day Credit Challenge. She's helped hundreds of people around the country understand their credit scores and, here, she explains how they work and what steps many people can take to raise their credit scores. This isn't "credit repair" - just smart strategies for better credit. This episode aired live March 11, 2013.

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About My Guest

Jeanne Kelly is an author, speaker, and coach who helps consumers achieve a higher credit score & understand credit reporting.

As the founder of The Kelly Group in 2000 and the author of The 90-Day Credit Challenge, Jeanne Kelly is a nationally recognized authority on credit consulting and credit score improvement. She has appeared on, The Today Show, and blogs for credit.com, Huffington Post, myfico & Poughkeepsie Journal. She has consulted with major organizations about the impact of credit scores on industry, and her writing or quotes frequently appear in print and online for, NY Times & CNN Money.

Most importantly, she is a trusted resource and advocate of higher credit scores and the go-to expert for individuals looking to improve their credit. She has also worked with Master Card doing Webinars for their clients. Visit her online at www.JeanneKelly.net and follow her on Twitter at @CreditScoop.

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