Paying Off Student Loans

Are you paying off student loans? You’re not the only one. Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt. The difference is, you don’t have the same protections with these loans that you do with other types of consumer loans.

If you owe student debt you can’t afford you may have options, but you will have to invest some time and energy to educate yourself about how they work and what programs are available for student loan consolidation, loan forgiveness and options for getting out of default.

Here, you will find advice from some of the top experts in the country. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, you can always ask me your question about student loans.

Why Are Student Loan Rates High?

When it comes to student loan rates, Congress has it wrong, says my guest Mitchell D. Weiss. A former financial services executive, Weiss has a unique perspective on the student loan rate debate and he shares it her. Listen and find out why I vote we make him Student Loan Czar! This episode aired live July 1, 2013.

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New Student Loan Interest Rates

New legislation changes student loan rates. It's a good deal for borrowers today, but tomorrow those rates will rise quickly and become quite expensive. Here attorney and student loan expert Heather Jarvis, founder of, joins me to explain what's going on with student loan interest rates. We talk about what's happening in Congress as well as the frustration many students are experiencing when they try to pay off, consolidate or refinance these loans. Jarvis had a lot of debt herself and has experienced this problem firsthand.  Her insights are both personal and professional. This episode aired live August 5, 2013.

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More Student Loan Advice

Millenials and Money
How are Millennials - those born around 1980 or later - going to get ahead? Many have crushing student loan debt and face financial challenges, such as looming federal debt, that make their futures very uncertain. But it's certainly not hopeless. Charissa Amanda Conanan, a chartered financial analyst and CEO of, joins me to describe strategies for today's millennials. This episode aired live December 1, 2012.

In Student Loan Hell - What Can You Do?
Are you paying on student loans with no end in sight? Have you deafaulted and seen your balances rise dramatically? Alan Collinge from explains why student loans defaults are much higher than government statistics say, and describes a shocking solution some borrowers are using to escape student loan hell.

Student Loan Repayment Options
Do you have student loan debt? Or are you a parent worried about your child's debt? A student loan expert explains what's going on with student loan debt, your options if you are having trouble making payments, and three websites that can prove invaluable to student loan borrowers.

Get Out of Debt Help with Steve Rhode
The Get Out of Debt guy Steve Rhode shares advice on protecting yourself from debt scams, conquering student loan debt, military debt scams, and why it can be so difficult to dig out of debt. Plus lots more!

How to Afford to Go Back to College

College is hard enough, but what about when you are an adult trying to juggle a job or family while you try to get your degree? Joining me to explain the challenges of adult learners is Dr. Ebersole, an expert on the higher education system and competency based learning and assessment by credit examination.He is author of the book, Courageous Learning: Finding a New Path through Higher Education.

Dr. Ebersole has been in the industry for more than 25 years and understands the evolving education system and needs of those seeking a degree. This interview aired live October 14, 2013.

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Paying Off Student Loans Podcasts You Won't Want to Miss

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College is hard enough, but what about when you are an adult trying to juggle a job or family while you try to get your degree? Joining me to explain …

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