Negotiating Medical Bills

Guest: Katie Vahle

Guest: Katie Vahle

Medical bill errors are an all-too-common problem. But it can be hard to spot them, and even harder to fix them. Medical billing error expert Katie Vahle of joins me to help us understand why billing mistakes happen and how to get help when you can't straighten them out yourself. This interview aired live on September 1, 2012.

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Excerpt from this interview

Gerri: Do you have any sense of how often medical bills occur?

Katie: Yes. It’s surprising actually how often medical bill mistakes happen. I think a lot of people are surprised to learn just how frequently they can occur. In the patients or individuals that we work with since starting this company, we’ve actually found errors in more than three-quarters of the cases.

Gerri: So, three-quarters of folks who have come have had sort of medical billing mistake?

Katie: That’s right. So, they’ll come to us with a set of different medical bills or maybe paperwork from their insurance companies. And as we sift through that, we’ll often find mistakes, about 75% of the cases.

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