Need help with medical bills?

Do you need help with medical bills? Medical bills sent to collections? Or ones you can't afford? Get expert advice!

Medical Bill Negotiation

My guest Michelle Katz saved her husband's life - and then saved him over $8000 on his medical bills!

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Why Medicare Supplement is a Waste

Your Medicare Supplement policy is likely a waste of money, and joining me to explain why is Dr. David Belk, a practicing physician, patient advocate and founder of

If you are paying for one of these policies find out why it is unlikely your benefits will be larger than the premium you pay - even if you end up in the hospital. Do you want to make another insurance company richer? If not, listen to this interview that aired Sept 30, 2013.

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Financial Help with Medical Bills

Medical bills are one of the leading contributors to bankruptcy, and even those with good insurance aren't immune to the financial stress these bills can create. Ariana Vargas of joins me to share the unique way this site is helping people raise money to help friends, loved ones - and in some cases complete strangers - get the financial help with medical bills they need.

Find out how it works and how it may help you or someone you care about. This episode aired live April 22, 2013.

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