Mortgage Loan Tips

Are you looking for the best mortgage rates? Do you want to buy a home but have less than perfect credit? I’ve got great mortgage loan tips here no matter what you’re trying to accomplish!

What Affects Mortgage Rates?

Find out what factors impact mortgage rates, and more importantly, how you can get a great rate.

How Do Mortgage Rate Locks Work?

Learn what it means to “lock a rate”, and when you should consider it.

When to Refinance Mortgage
A mortgage is the largest debt many of us will ever have. How do you know when to refinance that debt to save money - without going deeper in debt? And what about those who have tried to refinance in the past few years, but haven’t been able to due to their home’s value. What options do they have? Joining me in this interview to share his expert insights is Joe Kelly from

Less than Perfect Credit?

Get a Mortgage Even with Damaged Credit

Just because you’ve been through credit problems, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a home. Listen to learn how to get a mortgage even if you've been through foreclosure, your spouse has bad credit, or you have no equity in your home!

Credit Report Mistakes and Mortgages

Hopefully you’ve checked your credit before trying to quality for a home loan. What happens if you find mistakes? Learn how to dispute mistakes on your credit reports.

Over 62 and Thinking About a Reverse Mortgage?

How Do Reverse Mortgages Work?

Join me as I talk with a reverse specialist about how reverse mortgages work, including pros and cons of reverse mortgages. You'll learn surprising ways these loans are used, including to ensure a more comfortable retirement, to help protect your inheritance, and even to help homeowners get out of foreclosure!

Underwater On Your Home?

HARP 2: What's Really Happening?

HARP 2.0 is supposed to help underwater homeowners - including those who owe far more than their homes are worth - refinance. Is it working?

Mortgage Loan Tips You Won't Want to Miss

Listen to mortgage loan tips from Gerri Detweiler's Talk Credit Radio.

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