Medical Identity Theft

Guest: Herb Weisbaum

Guest: Herb Weisbaum

A young woman in high school was told she couldn’t donate blood because she had AIDS. But she didn’t. It turns out she was the victim of a fast-growing crime: medical identity theft. In this interview with The Consumer Man Herb Weisbaum, you’ll learn about this dangerous crime and what you can do to protect yourself. We discuss:

  • Why this type of id theft is so dangerous to your health

  • The ways your records can be compromised

  • How fast medical ID theft is growing and how many people will be victims

  • The enormous cost consumers pay to clean it up and to deal with the consequences

  • The Robin Hood aspect of this crime where many people allow someone else to use their insurance to get medical services

  • The life-threatening consequences of someone else using your information to get health services

  • How to find out if you might be a victim and why checking your credit is also a good idea

  • How to be vigilant about your medical records

  • Why this crime is expected to increase dramatically in coming years

As Herb says, this kind of identity theft is not something to take lightly. It costs American’s billions of dollars each year, and it can literally cost you your life. The consequences can be far-reaching.

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About My Guest

Herb Weisbaum has been looking out for consumers for more than three decades. He’s an Emmy-award winning journalist, radio show host and you’ve probably seen his advice on, The Today Show and many other places. You can read his full article on this topic here.

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