International Bank of Bob

Bob is just an average guy. He got lucky and landed in a job as a travel journalist, traveling the world and staying in very nice properties. But in his world travels, he saw poverty all around him and felt the urge to do something.

He's now become a philanthropist, gathering a group of investors who are lending millions of dollars to people around the world who are trying to improve their lives. Of all the exciting things he's done, he says this is the best. Want to be inspired? Find out how you can help with as little as $25.

This interview with Bob Harris, author of the book The International Bank of Bob (great read) aired live July 8, 2013.

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About My Guest

Bob Harris has circled the globe three times, snowboarded down an active volcano, performed three weddings, contributed to the New York Times, played Jeopardy! at Radio City Music Hall, and helped raise nearly $3 million in small loans to 100,000 mom-and-pop business in more than 60 countries. This last has been the best part. By far.

As a young man, Bob received a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, then did the obvious thing — he began a performing career, studying improv comedy in Chicago under the great Del Close, who taught a “yes, and” approach to life that Bob has tried to live by ever since.

After years as a touring comedian, performing at hundreds of clubs and colleges, Bob settled in Los Angeles and started a new career doing humorous radio commentaries.

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