How to Save $1000 a Month

Guest: Brian O'Connor

Guest: Brian O'Connor

Brian O'Connor had a mission: to see if he could cut $1000 a month from his family's spending without sacrificing the essentials. But it wasn't enough to just save: he gave himself 10 weeks to accomplish his goal, and documented his attempts in his very popular column in the Detroit News.

He turned his experiences into one of the funniest personal finance books I've read. Hear what he did and how he did it in this interview that aired live October 28, 2013.

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About My Guest

Brian J. O’Connor covers personal finance and the economy for The Detroit News. His "Funny Money" column humorously chronicles the financial implications of everything from potty training and the Pregnancy Industrial Complex to tax avoidance and the shadowy international baking cabal that forces consumers to buy unnecessary hot dog buns.

His award-winning market commentary includes the observation that, if Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke were to spontaneously combust, "The stock market will undoubtedly go down, unless it goes up or stays the same."

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