How to Refinance Car Loans

Guest: Phil Reed

Guest: Phil Reed

Can refinancing your car loan save you money? What's the best way to find a good car loan rate?'s Phil Reed joins me to share smart strategies for refinancing vehicles. He'll explain why you may be a higher rate than you need to, the danger in telling a dealer to "get it done," and the one thing you can do to help save money when you finance a car or truck. This episode aired live February 4, 2013.

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About My Guest

I always learn something myself when I interview Phil Reed, and I hope you will too. Phil develops and writes the automotive buying and selling advice on the website. To say he really knows the car buying process is an understatement. He’s gone undercover to work as a car salesman at two different dealerships while employed by, and - get this - he’s bought at least one car every two months for most of his employment with the company!

Phil came to in February 2000 with a background in news, having written for such publications as The Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He was a staff reporter at The Rocky Mountain News in Denver and has published a number of fiction and non-fiction books.

In this interview, he focuses on how to refinance your car loan so you can save money.

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