How to Complain and Get Results

Guest: Christopher Elliott

Guest: Christopher Elliott

Have you been ripped off or scammed? Christopher Elliott joins me to share the biggest scams and how to protect yourself. In this interview we also discuss:

- Is customer getting better or worse?
- What’s the top thing you should do to get customer satisfaction if you have a complaint.
-The best time to resolve a consumer complaint.
-What can you do if you are really upset and having a problem without embarrassing the people you're with. (I needed to hear this one!)
-Why airline customer service has gotten so bad and what you can do about it.

Plus Chris gives out his email if you have a question or problem you need help with! This episode aired live January 7, 2013.

Listen Here:

About My Guest:

Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate, multimedia journalist and customer service expert known for his practical advice and creative solutions to customer-service problems. His work is shaped by a drive to help people, drawing on the best traditions of investigative reporting and service journalism.

Elliott’s relentless advocacy efforts, sometimes against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, have earned him a reputation as "every consumer’s best friend."

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