Get a Great Scanner and Go Paperless!

Guest: Amanda Rhode

Guest: Amanda Rhode

Are you trying to go paperless like I am? One of your essential tools will be a great scanner. I am using a Doxie One thanks to the folks at the Apparent Corporation. Amanda Rhode joins me to share strategies for successfully getting rid of all those piles of papers around the house and office!

She'll share:

- The number one reason for ditching all those paper files and copies.
- How to find the records you need in seconds.
- Her super simple method for avoiding paper clutter.

Join the paperless party and make this the year you get organized. I'm finally doing it and I know you can too! This episode aired live January 21, 2013.

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About My Guest:

Amanda is Apparent Corporation’s resident Communication Specialist and handles all press and media inquires for Doxie mobile scanners. As an avid advocate for paperless parties across the globe, she invites you to grab a Doxie and join the fun... but remember it’s B.Y.O.P. (bring your own paper).

Excerpt from the interview:

Gerri: (My Doxie) is awesome. It’s very fast and very easy, and we’re going to talk about some of the ways that it makes things go easier to go paperless and also tips for going paperless, but first of all let’s just start with the why. Why should I go paperless? Some people have a filing system, they feel like they have it under control. What’s your suggestion?

Amanda: I get that question all the time, why should I go paperless? There are so many reasons for people to choose to go paperless. You can choose from saving time or preserving documents, or for just keeping more accurate records. To be honest with you, the number one reason I find going paperless to be so effective or beneficial is that clutter is exhausting. I think there’s nothing more daunting than a pile of paper sitting on your desk at home or at work that just starts to build and build. And you know, one of those piles that starts to lean a little bit and you try and you throw another piece of paper on there to see if it‘ll balance. Did you try to play that game?

Gerri: Yes. It’s pretty bad. I have files that say to be filed and I haven’t looked at them for six months, so that’s pretty bad.

Amanda: So what’s good is the simplicity of going paperless is just having all that information at your fingertips. You’re able to scan in all that paper, not have that clutter everywhere, and just know that you have your information within seconds.

Gerri: You told me that your mail you receive a lot of times doesn’t even make it into any piles in your home. Tell us how that works.

Amanda: Okay. So I’ve devised a system, I go to the mailbox and I grab my mail, and I come inside and I grab my Doxie. Now I have my Doxie One that actually sits in a drawer in my kitchen, mind you, the Doxie scanner is actually only the size of an empty paper towel. It also weighs less than a pound. So as you know, it’s super light, super portable so I just keep it in a drawer in my kitchen, walk in with my mail, sort out the junk from the important stuff and then right then and there scan the important stuff, and save it to my computer and I can toss the actual physical copies of paper.

So it’s a huge relief to not have to look around the house and see piles. Like I’ve said before, there’s nothing quite daunting than just seeing that pile and knowing that you have to do something with it. And more often than not, we don’t do anything with it until it gets completely out of control. So the power to just scan things as they come in has been such an amazing tool to keep you sane.

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