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Guest: Anna Marie Mitchell

Guest: Anna Marie Mitchell

Attorney Anna Marie Mitchell from Gulf Coast Legal joins me to share advice for taxpayers with problems handling their tax bills. We talk about:

1) What can I do if the IRS is garnishing my Social Security;
2) Can I try and settle my tax liability with the IRS for less than I owe;
3) What can I do if I can not afford to pay the IRS the money I owe them;
4) Where can I get my taxes done for free;
5) Does debt forgiveness affect my taxes;
6) Should I file taxes if I am only receiving social security?

Anna provides a wealth of information for my all my listeners - not just those who live in Florida, including how to take advantage of a free tax help program available nationwide! This interview aired live October 7, 2013.

Gulf Coast Legal is a sponsor of Talk Credit Radio.

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