Financial Help For The Unemployed

Guest: Patrick Mellody

Guest: Patrick Mellody

Are you in a financial crisis? Has your income been cut or are you unemployed? Wondering how you are going to make ends meet and stay afloat? My guest for this segment can relate. After his income was cut in half, Patrick Mellody had to learn very quickly how to live on a budget. With a passion for helping others, he offers financial guidance for the unemployed and underemployed.

He joins me on Talk Credit Radio to explain how to budget even when you are in a financial crisis, whether it’s through a job loss or loss of income from a business. He’ll explain:

· What a crisis budget looks like;

· How to protect your “triangle needs” while you get back on your feet;

· Three great resources to check out if you are struggling financially.

And most inspiring, Patrick will share how he took $49 and used it to create a “debt snowball” debt reduction plan. Using that small amount of money each month, he and his wife got to the point where they were able to pay off their home mortgage a completely. If you’ve ever wondered if you can really make a difference with a little bit of money, Patrick’s story will show you how you can.

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About My Guest

Patrick Mellody is the author of The Unemployment Budget: Your Financial Survival Plan. He has been a volunteer Budget Coach for over 17 years. He has helped many individuals and couples create and live on a budget. After going through unemployment and extreme financial tough times Patrick learned and fine- tuned the budget process.

Patrick lives in Upstate New York with his wife Vickie; they have three married children and eight grandchildren. Patrick leads small groups through the budget process and presents his dramatic personal story, as outlined in the book, to live groups.

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