Different Ways to Save Money

Guest: Gail Perry-Mason

Guest: Gail Perry-Mason

Are you looking for some different ways to save money – or easy ways to make more money? Gail Perry Mason’s got both! I spoke with Gail at a conference and the audience adored her. She’s got tons of fun ways to help you and your family put more money in your pocket fast.

She starts by explaining how to become the CEO of your household and make a few layoffs if you need to. Then she shares all kinds of great websites for earning extra cash, including:

· How to never pay for movies again,

· Great ways to help your kids get free stuff by being product testers,

· How she earns extra cash by testing products,

· The way she earned over $500 just by cleaning out her closet,

· The websites she loves for looking glamorous without breaking the bank,

· How to teach your kids to be smart about money and avoid the mistakes you make.

Gail shares so many great websites with different ways to save money in this podcast, you’ll want to make sure you listen with a pen and paper handy. I promise you’ll love Gail’s tips and her down-to-earth style of sharing them.

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About My Guest:

Gail Perry-Mason has come a long way, from foster care to caring for others. Gail is a respected authority in the financial industry. She is a best-selling author and sought after speaker with her down to earth and down to business style. Perry-Mason founded and directed the original Money Matters for Youth Camp, instructing over 6,000 young people in the Detroit-Metro area and mentored over 25 young women who are now professionals in the financial industry. Active in her community she is a part of several organizations and has served as a Board Member for over 10 organizations.

She tells me her biggest goals currently are shifting her assets, meaning losing weight, getting rid of debt, and saving money. She loves serving others and making a difference and just wishes she had time to do that more!

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