Create a Debt Free Spending Plan

Guest: JoAnneh Nagler

Guest: JoAnneh Nagler

If you've so tried to budget - or create a spending plan - with no success you'll want to listen to this interview with JoAnneh Nagler author of The Debt Free Spending Plan. She shares her story of how she got out of debt and offers proven strategies for creating a spending plan that works. She'll also reveal the biggest budget buster that many of her clients face, and a reasonable alternative. This episode aired live January 14, 2013.

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About My Guest

JoAnneh Nagler was once mired in debt. Unable to find a simple, work able solution in existing literature, she developed her own system—a five-minute-a-day approach that really works. She now coaches individuals and couples, using The Debt-Free Spending Plan to help them revolutionize their relationship with money.

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