Cheapest Places to Retire Overseas

Guest: Kathleen Peddicord

Guest: Kathleen Peddicord

Guest: Kathleen Peddicord

Retiring overseas can offer immense advantages, including lower living expenses, great healthcare and the opportunity to see the world.

Don't have a lot of money saved? You may still be able to have a great future by retiring overseas. Kathleen Peddicord joins me to share how.

She explains how you can save money on housing and healthcare - two of the biggest costs of retirement - and still get excellent medical care and a beautiful, safe place to live.

This information is helpful even if you aren't retired and are thinking of relocating overseas while you are still working!

We discuss what happens if you have Medicare - can you use it overseas? Or if you come back to the US?

Then we talk about some of the best places to retire, including top picks in South America, Asia and Europe - including France and Italy. (Yes, they can be very affordable too!)

Kathleen also shares her tips for choosing the right place for you. Learn how to balance cost and quality to make the best decision for your future.

Kathleen is one of my most popular guests and once you listen to this you'll understand why.

After you listen, check out her website at and see if you don't find it as addictive as I do! This episode aired live September 16, 2013.

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About My Guest

Kathleen Peddicord has been researching, writing, speaking, and presenting on the topics of living, retiring, and investing overseas for more than 28 years. Her newest book, "How To Buy Real Estate Overseas," is the culmination of decades of personal experience living and investing around the world.

Kathleen has moved children, staff, enterprises, household goods, and pets from the East Coast of the United States first to Waterford, Ireland, then, seven years later, to Paris, France, and, most recently, to Panama City, Panama.

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Nov 09, 2016
Thinking about it
by: Ready to roll

I am seriously thinking about it especially with the latest news. If I can get my wife on board I am outta here. Great info - thanks!

Jan 08, 2014
great piece!
by: Barbara

Wow! Really informative podcast - Kathleen not only sounds like a really interesting person, she has a friendly, accessible way of communicating. She has that great ability to break down useful information in a clear, concise manner. You feel like you're getting advice from a smart friend, a friend who has traveled and lived all over the world!

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