After 50 It's Up to Us

Guest: George Schofield

Guest: George Schofield

The Baby Boomer generation grew up feeling powerful, relevant and able to effect important change. The future looked good -- if they worked hard and did all the right things they were guaranteed a comfortable life.

But for many of us, things did not go as planned. Converging forces - the recession, longer lifespans, and the disappearance of traditional retirement funding - have forced many to face a very different reality than the one they expected.

George Schofield, PH.D. and author of After 50 It’s Up to Us, Developing the Skills and Agility We’ll Need joins me to share his insights for those feeling lost and overwhelmed.

We discuss how many of us over 50 are pioneers without role models for the interruptions we have experienced.

Why it can be so hard to know who we are independent of our roles.

The difference between lifelong learning and lifelong development and why it’s so important to distinguish between the two.

This episode aired live June 24, 2013.

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About the Author

George Schofield, PH.D. is the author of After 50 It’s Up to Us, Developing the Skills and Agility We’ll Need. Unlike the plethora of slick “experts” whose advice is to stop whining and toughen up, or get a job at McDonalds, George says that one of the major stumbling blocks for people over 50 is feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start because change looks so daunting.

George advocates smart, discerning change rather than radical change. “The truth is we need to do the smart, discerning, challenging work of bringing the best and most useful of our earlier selves forward and merge that with our new adaptable selves, experience, and skills. ” says George. People who haven't changed much until now, don't know where to start or can't stick with it. Besides, radical change dishonors the best of who we've been and how that can serve us well in the future,” he adds.

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