ABCs of Getting Out of Debt

Guest: Garrett Sutton

Guest: Garrett Sutton

Rich Dad's advisor and small business attorney Garrett Sutton shares insights from the new second edition of his book, The ABC's of Getting Out of Debt and Winning with Credit.

Learn what kind of borrower you are: Winner, Waster, Wanter, Wisher or Whiner? I am a contributor to this book and talk with Garrett about how the clients he works with across the country are getting their credit back on track after the economic downturn. This episode aired live August 11, 2012.

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About the New Book:

Consumers are walking away from underwater homes. Families are filing for bankruptcy. Credit problems continue to top the list of consumer complaints.

Despite all that bad news, there’s never been a better time for consumers to learn how to master credit and use it to their advantage. And in the new edition of The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt and Winning with Credit, small business attorney and Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton shows readers how to put their credit problems behind them and become “credit winners.”

Sutton’s advice is based on more than two decades of experience helping clients around the world successfully launch and grow small businesses. He is a popular author and speaker at Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad events. Nationally recognized credit expert Gerri Detweiler contributed to the book as well.

In the ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt, readers learn:

What type of credit borrower profile best describes them: credit wisher, waster, wanter, whiner or or winner?

The formula Robert and Kim Kiyosaki used to get out of debt, and how it can work for you, too.

What are the best ways to dig out of a lot of truly overwhelming debt; including how to negotiate with creditors and when to consider bankruptcy.

How credit scores really work, and simple steps you can take to rebuild your credit, even if you’ve been through bankruptcy or foreclosure.

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